Mission Statement

To engage the BC wine industry and use their input to recommend improvements on our system of appellations, and the certification for wine produced from 100% BC grapes.

About the BC Wine Appellation Task Group

The BC Wine Appellation Task Group is an ad hoc Task Group of the BC Wine Industry, initiated by BC wine industry stakeholders, in partnership with the BC Minister of Agriculture and the BC Wine Authority. The mandate is:

To work in cooperation with the BC Wine Authority to bring forward industry recommendations to propose amendment(s) to the Wines of Marked Quality Regulation that represent the interests of all 100% BC Wine Producers, to better meet the demands of today’s consumers and customers and for potential application for other sectors including 100% BC fruit wine, ciders and beer.

The Task Group should be viewed by the BC Wine Industry as having an independent mandate to make recommendations that are in the best interests of the industry as a whole. A successful outcome of this process would be an energized, united and growing BC wine industry. As with previous regulatory milestones such as the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, the Farm Gate Policy, and the establishment of the BC VQA appellation system, the work of the Task Force can provide a great boost to BC’s wine industry.

On Decision Making, Accountability & Reporting

Task Group only has the authority to make recommendations.

Decisions are to be made by majority for formal recommendations (whether in person, by phone or in writing). Once a decision is made, all members must support the decision, regardless of whether they indicated support or opposition during the discussion and decision-making process.

All decisions made by the Task Group are surrounding only the gathering of input from BC Wine Producers in order to put forward recommendations to the BC Wine Authority, which recommendations would then be put to required vote by all BC Wine Producers. The Task Group has no power to change the Wines of Marked Quality Regulations, but will oversee the process by which the BC Wine Industry is consulted about its desires for change.