Who We’ve Consulted

The following industry stakeholders the Task Group were engaged in meetings or by email over the course of 2015 in order to complete our initial recommendations. For additional consultations in 2016 please see: Plebiscite Campaign Final Report.

Vicki Collett Harper’s Trail Winery
Bradley Cooper Black Cloud Wine
Geri Davis Gray Monk Winery
Rolf de Bruin Fort Berens Winery
Roger Dosman Alderlea Vineyards
Cynthia Enns Laughing Stock Vineyards
Andrew Etsell Singletree Winery
Shaun Everest Tinhorn Creek Winery
Glenn Fawcett Black Hills Estate Winery
Bob Ferguson Kettle Valley Winery
Manfred Freese BC Grapegrowers Association
Andy Gebert St Hubertus Winery
Walter Gehringer Gehringer Brothers Winery
Larry Gerelus Stag’s Hollow Winery
Bobby Gidda Volcanic Hills
Brian Glaum BC Wine Appreciation Society
Jeff Guignard ABLE
Jane Hatch Tantalus Vineyards
Sharon Herder Corcelettes Winery
Mark Holford Rocky Creek Winery
Bob Johnson Baillie-Grohman Winery
Richard Kamphuys Ancient Hill Winery
DJ Kearney Wine Writer & Critic
John Koopmans Ovino Winery
Roland Kruger Wild Goose Vineyards
Dick Lancaster Black Widow Winery
Steven Latchford Therapy Vineyards
Kim Lawton Wine Industry Publicist
Wyn Lewis The Vibrant Vine
Scott Locke Cedar Creek Estate Winery
Alana Lubchynski Beaumont Winery
Joe Luckhurst Road 13 Vineyards
Laurie Macdonald Ontario VQA
Brad Makepeace Hugging Tree Winery
Kathy Malone Hillside Estate Winery
Tanya Martin Blasted Church Vineyards
Jeff Martin La Frenz Winery
Lanny Martiniuk Stoneboat Vineyards
Rene Massinon Therapy Vineyards
Duncan McCowan Hillside Estate Winery
Ron McIntyre Willow Springs Farm
Gavin Miller Upper Bench Winery
Jennifer Molgat The View Winery
Trish Morelli Kamloops Wine Trail Association
Patrick Murphy Vista D’Oro Farm and Winery
Mike Nierychlo Emandare Vineyard
Katie O’Kell Serendipity Winery
Jason Ocenas Township 7 Winery
Sandra Oldfield Tinhorn Creek Winery
Jake Ootes Celista Estate Winery
Heleen Pannekoek Fort Berens Winery
Jay Paulson Ex Nihilo Vineyards
Tim Pawsey Wine Writer & Critic
Dr. Jacques-Olivier Pesme Kedge Business School
Graydon Ratzlaff Recline Ridge Winery
Julie Rennie Pentage Winery
Steve Robertson Delmas Winery, Oregon
Rasoul Salehi Enotecca Wine Group
Stefanie Schales 8th Generation Vineyards
Bruce Schmidt Intersection Winery
David Scholefield Wine Industry Consultant
Masa and Yukiko Shiroki Artisan SakeMaker at Granville Island
Dwight Sick Stag’s Hollow Winery
Vern Siemens Mt Lehman Winery
Judi Skinner Therapy Vineyards
Luke Smith Howling Bluff Winery
Howard Soon Sandhill Winery
Sue & Gerry Thygesen Kraze Legz Winery
Beata Tolley Moon Curser Vineyards
Tim Turyk Unsworth Vineyards
Rob Van Westen Van Westen Vineyards
Eric Von Krosigk Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Peter Willie Quails’ Gate
Randy Wilson BC Private Liquor Stores Association
Manuel Zuppiger Arrowleaf Vineyards